Turn your organization into an innovation machine

Engage the people in your business, relate to the ecosystem to innovate and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Innovating with more than 165,000
professionals from successful companies

Put into practice the innovation strategy
of your company

Leave behind lagged models with complex spreadsheets, non-intuitive intranets and data collection with no practical application to manage innovation.


Launch Challenges

Create campaigns to direct people to send innovative ideas to problems and real business opportunities.


Engage the Ecosystem

Connect with startups and universities that can collaborate with your organization in overcoming challenges.


Implement your Projects

Manage all your innovation projects portfolio, tracking and measuring KPIs.

Manage your company's entire
innovation portfolio

  • Intrapreneurship
  • Open Innovation
  • Innovation Management

Ideas Program

A software for your company to organize Idea Programs.

Innovative Ideas Challenge

A software for your company to manage initiatives through Innovation Challenges.

Continuous Improvement

A software to adopt organized practices of continuous improvement engagement.


A software to adopt the Kaizen philosophy which covers continuous improvement.


A software for your company to organize and manage work groups oriented to challenges and projects.

Research & Development

Software to improve products or develop services through R&D projects.

Startup Ecosystem

An Innovation Platform to revolutionize the way large companies do business with Startups.

Innovation Hubs

Structure an Innovation Hub, with different sizes, niches and partners with your identity.

Corporate Venture

Find the ideal partners for your Corporate Venture program.

Open Challenges

Encourage workgroups to overcome important challenges for your company's strategy.

Corporate Boost

Accelerate Startups and ideas to build the future of your segment.

Innovation Labs

Make innovation tangible in your company through an innovative environment.


Count on the help of experts from the technical and theoretical academy to improve products.

Startup Ecosystem

Ensure the growth of the continuous innovation process.

Innovation Hubs

Foster a favorable, stimulating and flexible atmosphere.

Corporate Venture

Start with ideas that need to be examined and picked over.

Open Challenges

Create, connect and spread your organization's innovative ideas.

Corporate Boost

Your company innovating in a systemic way.

Innovation Labs

Leverage new technologies, new markets and new businesses.

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